Resume Writing

Resume Writing ServicesYour resume is the most important document you’ll need to open the door to new career opportunities. A professionally written and expertly formatted career marketing piece, that showcases your unique qualifications, is the key to advancing your career in today’s highly competitive job market. A weak resume will not get you noticed and will cost you valuable time – not to mention lost income – only leaving you frustrated and discouraged.

Employers, recruiters and employment personnel frequently assess hundreds of resumes for each position. Therefore, it is crucial to have a resume that will stand out above the rest by showcasing your qualifications and skills in a way that will capture attention and create an immediate and positive response. In addition, your resume should further demonstrate how your experience and skills match the needs sought by prospective employers. Order today!

Cover Letters

Do you really need a cover letter? After all, doesn’t the resume tell it all?
The fact is, a cover letter is an essential tool in your search campaign. The term cover letter, however, is a bit misleading. A more appropriate description is career marketing letter. Whereas cover letter implies nothing more than a simple introduction, a career marketing letter sells your unique capabilities to prospective employers. It accomplishes this by piquing employer interest, addressing his or her unique needs and demonstrating how you are the one to fulfill those needs. It goes on to highlight your unique qualifications, skills, experience, and achievements and closes by asking the interview. Order today!


An E-resume is plain-text version of your hard copy resume that is suitable for internet job postings and email applications. It is formatted as an ASCII file – no graphics, no rule lines, and no bullets. As an ASCII file, you can paste your resume into an email message or into e-forms at a target company’s web site. The E-mail resume will give you maximum flexibility in your job search campaign. Order today!